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New dialkyldithiophosphate collector for silver-containing ore flotation

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To create more effective dialkyldithiophosphate collector for use in combination with potassium butyl xanthate in silver ore flotation (for Ducat deposit ores), the effect of a number of dialkyldithiophosphate collectors was studied depending on their surface-active properties and water-repelling ability. It was shown that their collecting ability, at rather similar water-repelling ability increases with strengthening their surface-active properties and reaches maximum at surface tension of 42–45.3 mN/m, and then begins to decrease. The water repellent ability decrease, even at their high surface-active properties, for example, for hydrolyzed samples, significantly reduces silver recovery. Taking into account the studied effect of surface activity and water repellent ability of the reagents, a more efficient dialkyldithiophosphate collector has been developed, which increases silver recovery compared to the standard reagent by 1.8–3.4% depending on ore dressability. Optimal ratio of the proposed dialkyldithiophosphate collector and xanthate dosing also contributes to increasing silver recovery with no reducing the process selectivity.

About the Authors

V. I. Ryaboy
LLC "Mekhanobr-OR"
Russian Federation

S. E. Levkovets
LLC "Kvadrat Plus"
Russian Federation

G. A. Efremova
CJSC "Silver Magadan"
Russian Federation

O. E. Koval
CJSC "Silver Magadan"
Russian Federation


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Ryaboy V.I., Levkovets S.E., Efremova G.A., Koval O.E. New dialkyldithiophosphate collector for silver-containing ore flotation. Gornye nauki i tekhnologii = Mining Science and Technology (Russia). 2018;(3):45-53. (In Russ.)

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