Geological and hydrogeological structure and river basin soil composition as an important factor of river flow formation (exemplified by Debed river basin)

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The paper discusses and analyses the common factors of spatial distribution of the Debed river basin flow, features of the water regime and intra-annual flow distribution owed by the geological and hydrogeological structure of the region and the soil composition. Besides, some issues of regulation and management of river flow related to the peculiarities of the geological and hydrogeological structure of the river basin and the soil composition are considered.

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V. G. Margaryan
Yerevan State University
Faculty of Geography and Geology


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For citation: Margaryan V.G. Geological and hydrogeological structure and river basin soil composition as an important factor of river flow formation (exemplified by Debed river basin). Gornye nauki i tekhnologii = Mining Science and Technology (Russia). 2018;(4):3-9.

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