The Study of Geomechanical Condition of Unstable Rocks in the Vicinity of Mine Working Junctions

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The relevance of research of material strain nature based on physical models equivalent to rocks is substantiated. To identify the dependencies and mechanism of unstable rock strain in the vicinity of mine working junctions, an experimental technique has been developed and presented. The method of physical modeling using equivalent materials was applied in the research. Strength characteristics of the rock equivalent material were calculated using the formulas proposed by G.N. Kuznetsov. The equivalent material was prepared based on two components, sand and paraffin. The mix formulation was selected, and ultimate compressive strength of the equivalent material was determined. The experiment was performed for three options of the physical models: an intact rock mass, a rock mass with a single mine working, and a rock mass with mine working junctions. Testing of the models made of the equivalent material was performed through uniaxial vertical loading using a hydraulic press. Based on the model testing findings, the dynamics of fracture propagation and crushing of the enclosing equivalent material in the vicinity of an artificial cavity, simulating a mine working, has been demonstrated. Besides, the graphs of relative strain versus vertical loading for each stage of the stepwise loading of these three model options were produced. The findings of the strain-stress distribution modeling for the equivalent material around the cavities simulating mine working junctions were analyzed. The strain testing findings for the materials simulating rock behavior are expected to be used as the initial data for analysis of physical and numerical simulation, as well as for developing engineering documentation with regard to the selection of parameters for supporting mine working junctions.

About the Author

V. V. Basov
Siberian State Industrial University (SibSIU).
Russian Federation


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For citation: Basov V.V. The Study of Geomechanical Condition of Unstable Rocks in the Vicinity of Mine Working Junctions. Gornye nauki i tekhnologii = Mining Science and Technology (Russia). 2019;4(1):23-30.

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