Analysis of Possible Origination of Domes in Longwalls

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The research is aimed at solving problems of assessing underground working stability in complicated mining and geological conditions to increase reliability and safety of mining operations. Analysis of geomechanical processes occurring in a rock mass during extraction of coal seams to determine the stability of mining block roof is the most important task. The performed digital modeling of the rock mass based on the structural logs for K1 seam and the nearest borehole log enabled highly detailed identifying the types of rocks occurred in the seam roof and their strength characteristics, compressive stresses. To determine the stability of a mining block roof, the factor of safety of the rocks was used, which was determined by modeling method using Phase 28.0 and Rockscince software. The carbonaceous argillite parting 0.09–0.12 m thick was taken as the contact of the longwall with the seam roof, and, for completeness of the analysis, the upper high-ash coal member in the seam roof up to 0.7 m thick was used. The modeling findings, presented in the graph of dependence between the safety factor and the distance between the belt heading and air drift, showed that the probability of dome formation in the longwall is high, as the factor of safety of the rocks is less than unity, that indicates the roof instability in the course of the coal seam block extraction. The modeling methods allowed assessing the mine working stability, based on which the measures to improve the reliability and safety of mining operations can be timely developed, and due technical and technological solutions shall be reached.

About the Authors

R. I. Imranov
Karaganda State Technical University.

E. N. Khmyrova
Karaganda State Technical University.

O. G. Besimbayeva
Karaganda State Technical University.

S. P. Olenyuk
Karaganda State Technical University.

A. Z. Kapasova
Karaganda State Technical University.


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For citation: Imranov R.I., Khmyrova E.N., Besimbayeva O.G., Olenyuk S.P., Kapasova A.Z. Analysis of Possible Origination of Domes in Longwalls. Gornye nauki i tekhnologii = Mining Science and Technology (Russia). 2019;4(1):57-64.

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