Effect of Operating Factors on Reliability of Stoping Complexes and Assessment of Reliability of their Elements


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For analyzing the dependence of face equipment failure on its length, two groups of elements are commonly considered. The first group includes all elements of shearer-loaders: conveyor drives, elements of pumping stations of powered supports, supports of face junctions with strikes and others. The second group includes all elements of powered support sections, linear sections of pan lines and scrapers of face scraper conveyors, electric cables of shearer-loaders, main pipelines of powered supports, etc. It is noted that the constancy of number of the first group elements linear variability of number of the second group elements do not uniquely determine the constancy or variability of the failure factor of the aggregate of the same type elements of the first or the second groups [1]. The plot of mean-time-between-failures (MTBF) of SL-500S stoping complex as function of face length is presented. Besides, the curve of the face (complex) length-dependence of average recovery) time (after failure of the SL-500S stoping complex time is shown. Analyzing the dependence of availability factor of stoping complexes on the face length showed that the length of stoping complexes is not a factor determining decrease in the MTBF and increase in the average recovery time. The plot of recovery time (after failure) of the SL-500S stoping complex as function of face length is shown. A formula is presented for assessing the cumulative effect, on the MTBF of SL500S stoping complex, of its length and potash ore cuttability. The plot of correlation between the MTBF of SL500S stoping complex and the face length/the potash ore cuttability is presented, which demonstrates that the complex length followed by the thickness of the extracted layer produce the greatest effect on the MTBF. The plot of the number of failures per day as a function of the maintenance factor of the SL-500C shearer-loader is presented. The plot demonstrates that the average number of failures of the SL-500C shearer-loader per day reaches a minimum and practically stabilize at values of the maintenance factor of 0.9–1.0, which correspond to three-shift production with one 6-hour maintenance shift per day.

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V. A. Troinich
Joint Stock Company «Soligorsk Institute of Resources Saving Problems with Pilot Production»
First Deputy Technical Director

A. A. Dubovsky
Joint Stock Company «Soligorsk Institute of Resources Saving Problems with Pilot Production»

N. A. Vysotskaya
Joint Stock Company «Soligorsk Institute of Resources Saving Problems with Pilot Production»
Deputy Head of Department of scientific and technical information


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For citation: Troinich V.A., Dubovsky A.A., Vysotskaya N.A. Effect of Operating Factors on Reliability of Stoping Complexes and Assessment of Reliability of their Elements. Gornye nauki i tekhnologii = Mining Science and Technology (Russia). 2019;4(2):79-89. https://doi.org/10.17073/2500-0632-2019-2-79-89

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