Reactive power compensation in distribution networks of mining enterprises

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Large electricity consumers – mining companies – along with active power consumed reactive power, creating network flows. The issues of compensation of reactive power and rational placing of the compensating devices are becoming highly relevant in the light of energy saving policies. Compensation is particularly important when optimization of voltage and power consumption in order to reduce active losses and improve power quality. Effective action for reduction of losses in electric networks is installation of devices of reactive power compensation (RPC). In the analysis of methods of calculation of optimal power compensating devices, and location were taken into account the specificity of mining enterprises, namely the separation of electrical networks underground and surface. The objective function formulated on the basis of annual reduced costs and identified system limitation, when considered in the objective function. The analysis of the objective function showed that it separaely and the problem can be solved by methods of discrete programming.

About the Authors

L. A. Plashchanskiy
Russian Federation

M. M. Kholmogorov
Russian Federation


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For citation: Plashchanskiy L.A., Kholmogorov M.M. Reactive power compensation in distribution networks of mining enterprises. Gornye nauki i tekhnologii = Mining Science and Technology (Russia). 2016;(1):20-23.

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