Marketable Product Quality Management in Conditions of Coal Mining at a Deposit of Complicated Structure

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Globalization of the energy feedstock market has led to the fact that, in recent decades, parameters of the thermal coal market significantly changed. Depletion of “rich” deposits implies development of new deposits of more complicated structure and characteristics. The paper proposes a new approach to managing quality of marketable products in the course of development of a coal deposit of complicated structure, which has demonstrated its effectiveness in the conditions of the Beisky deposit. The approach to managing quality of the marketable products is based on the concept of the relevance of improving the quality of technological processes and their differentiation according to the criterion of the maximum ratio of value and cost of the products. Typical solutions are proposed, and the results of implementation of the developed methodological approach to managing quality of the marketable products as exemplified by the Vostochno-Beisky open-pit coal mine are presented. Methods of analysis of technological factors governing the selection of parameters of the process operations were used, and the substantiation of the processes for preparation of blocks, excavation, transportation, storage and processing of products in conditions of open pit mining of a coal deposit having complicated structure was performed. The implementation of the developed technological solutions in the conditions of the Vostochno-Beisky open-pit coal mine allowed to obtain positive results, expressed in the growth of quality indicators of the marketable products by 4-6 %.

About the Authors

V. A. Azev
LLC SUEK-Khakassia
Russian Federation

Chemogorsk, Khakassia

D. V. Popov
LLC Vostochno-Beisky Razrez (East Bei Colliery)
Russian Federation

Kirba, Khakassia


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For citation: Azev V.A., Popov D.V. Marketable Product Quality Management in Conditions of Coal Mining at a Deposit of Complicated Structure. Gornye nauki i tekhnologii = Mining Science and Technology (Russia). 2020;5(2):119-130.

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