Effective International Approaches to Subsoil Public Administration


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Development of economic sectors related to mining and processing industries is largely determined by national approaches to subsoil use regulation. For the Republic of Kazakhstan, having enormous geological potential, it is relevant and significant to develop and use globally competitive approaches to public administration of subsoil. Achieving these goals allows building in foreseeable future the potential for consistent and secure participation of the national economy in market interaction with leading global partners on mutually beneficial terms. In the paper, emphasis is placed on the fact that, despite forecasted promising geological data, significant excess of the scope of mining work over that of exploration is observed in the Republic of Kazakhstan. This is accompanied by low investment potential of the exploration sector. To solve the accumulated problems in the field of subsoil use, an analysis of the current situation was carried out, the causes of the current circumstances were identified, and the suggestions were made for improving the system of and approaches to public administration of subsoil, with justification of their effectiveness. The analysis convincingly showed that the reforms carried out in the field of subsoil use in the Republic of Kazakhstan and the changing trends in the global economy strongly require revising the previously used approaches to public administration of subsoil for developing the most effective system of public administration of subsoil. The study examined the international experience of public administration of subsoil in the countries that have achieved the greatest progress in this field, identified the basic principles in building a system of public administration of subsoil use, conducted historical analysis to determine the effect of the methods and approaches selected by state for subsoil administration at different stages of economic development. Based on the study findings, the risk zones of inefficient public administration of subsoil were identified, and approaches to improving the system and methods of public administration of subsoil in the Republic of Kazakhstan were proposed.

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R. N. Baimishev
Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan



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