Issues of Multi-Motor Electric Drive Dynamics through the Example of Converter Tilting Mechanism

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Many heavy machines and mechanisms of mining and metallurgical industry, for example, basic-oxygen converters (BOCs), are equipped with multi-motor electric drive. Reducing the influence of the disadvantages characteristic of a branched multi-connected system is possible by creating control systems based on mathematical models of the considered electromechanical systems (EMS). The full mathematical model takes into account the number of EMS motors, gear backlashes, elasticity of shafting, the effect of dissipative forces, etc. Disadvantage of this approach is complexity of such models, which leads to high computational costs and time expenditure for their implementation. To analyze dynamic processes arising under acceleration and deceleration conditions of the electromechanical system of the converter tilting mechanism, it is proposed to use a simplified equivalent simulation model, which would take into account changing the EMS natural oscillation frequency for any operation conditions based on process and design features. Based on the simulation model analysis, it was concluded that it is necessary to assess mechanical loads in the system by comparing their current and basis values, as well as taking into account the damping properties of the electric drive. To reduce dynamic loads, it is proposed to form a law of changing the control voltage using an intensity generator, which reduces the risks of occurrence of elastic moments, significantly exceeding those permissible for this class of mechanisms. The results of thermal and vibration diagnostics for assessing malfunctions of key units of the converter tilting mechanism, as well as assessing the system behavior based on the Matlab Simulink model with varying shafting elasticity and normalized gear backlashes, showed significant effect of the latters on the dynamic loads.

About the Authors

V. F. Borisenko
Donetsk National Technical University

V. A. Sidorov
Donetsk National Technical University

A. I. Zemlyansky
Donetsk National Technical University


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For citation: Borisenko V.F., Sidorov V.A., Zemlyansky A.I. Issues of Multi-Motor Electric Drive Dynamics through the Example of Converter Tilting Mechanism. Gornye nauki i tekhnologii = Mining Science and Technology (Russia). 2020;5(3):253-265.

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