On the concept of in-situ metal leaching


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The information on history of in-situ metal leaching method (ISL) was given. The role of Russian scientists and research organizations in research into ISL processes was shown. Examples of ISL application at the mines of the USSR, the CIS and nonCIS countries with the implementation features were given. The main disadvantages of ISL were formulated: low rate of metal production and difficulty in monitoring the completeness of metal recovery into pregnant solution. It was noted that underground leaching of even well-crushed ores lasts for many years. This, under otherwise equal conditions, decreases attractiveness of ISL in comparison with traditional methods of metal mining. Well-known and new promising methods of the leaching process intensification for increasing the rate of metal extraction into solution were described. As illustrated by the North Caucasian deposits of the Sadon group, the expediency of ISL use for extracting the residual reserves, which would not be extracted by the traditional methods, was shown. The role of Professor I.A. Ostroushko in development and implementation of methods for extracting metals remained in the mined-out space of mines, in particular, by extracting metals from the Sadon deposits wastewater. Information on the current state of ISL application was given. The conclusion was made about insufficient use of this promising method in mining in some regions. For the first time, the details of the ISL general concept were clarified: the feasibility of ISL use not only in favorable conditions, but also at non-continuous geology and mineralization; ISL applicability for not only substandard ores (non-extractable by traditional mining methods), but also for balance reserves; ISL (block leaching) was proposed as an alternative to traditional mining methods in specific conditions, for example, at the North Caucasian complex ore deposits.

About the Authors

O. Z. Gabaraev
North-Caucasian institute of mining and metallurgy (State technological university)
Russian Federation

A. O. Gabaraeva
North-Caucasian institute of mining and metallurgy (State technological university)
Russian Federation

N. T. Dedegkaeva
North-Caucasian institute of mining and metallurgy (State technological university)
Russian Federation

Zh. Bolotbekov
Kyrgyz state university of geology, mining and natural resources development named after acad. U. A. Asanaliev


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For citation: Gabaraev O.Z., Gabaraeva A.O., Dedegkaeva N.T., Bolotbekov Z. On the concept of in-situ metal leaching. Gornye nauki i tekhnologii = Mining Science and Technology (Russia). 2020;5(4):349-357. https://doi.org/10.17073/2500-0632-2020-4-349-357

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