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Analysis of energy performance of heading sets of equipment at a coal mine

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The growth of volume of tunneling, power supplied per job, and consumption of fuel and energy resources makes it necessary to increase energy performance of production processes with reducing energy losses. Tunneling conditions are determined by a combination of mutually influencing factors (geological, technological and organizational), and assessing their impact on tunneling energy performance requires a deep detailed study. For criterion assessment of tunneling performance, indicators of energy consumption, performance, and quality of tunneling performed by shift crews, allowing to objectively assess their work, were proposed. Indicators of process and specific power consumption in the process of tunneling vary over a wide range, therefore, to ensure smooth equipment operation, shift crews must adhere to the recommended indicators that determine the optimum rates of tunneling and enables adherence to permissible operation modes. Statistical models of energy performance indicators of heading sets of equipment operation were investigated using the example of the Severnaya coal mine. Indicators of energy consumption, energy performance, and tunneling (on shift basis) were proposed. Distribution laws have been determined for the main indicators characterizing tunneling energy performance. Recommendations have been developed to ensure sustainable operation of heading sets of equipment throughout the entire period of tunneling. Tunneling requires permanent monitoring its parameters and rates of advance, the quality of face preparation, timely maintenance and repair of machinery and equipment, control of the process through ensuring optimal operating modes of the heading sets of equipment.

About the Author

A. B. Sadridinov
Energoblok-M LLC
Russian Federation


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Sadridinov A.B. Analysis of energy performance of heading sets of equipment at a coal mine. Gornye nauki i tekhnologii = Mining Science and Technology (Russia). 2020;5(4):367-375. (In Russ.)

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