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Mining industry in Mozambique


At present time,Mozambiqueis called the “Rising Star of South Africa” mainly due to the rapid development of its mining industry. Mineral resources sector ofMozambiqueis one of the most dynamically developing sectors of the country’s economy.China,BrazilandIndiahave recently become the main partners forMozambique. Recently, a number of projects is being implemented in the country, for example, Auroch Minerals Manica Gold in gold production. Increasing coal production is connected with commissioning of the Moatize open pit, which is being developed by Brazilian Vale Company, as well as Benga mining company owned by Indian ICVL consortium. The analysis of the extraction of certain mineral types inMozambiquepresented in the paper demonstrates general picture of mining industry development in the country. The analysis findings allow identifying the causes of negative phenomena in the industry, manifesting themselves in decreasing production of certain types of minerals. For instance, the main reasons for the decline in coal production were dropping labor productivity, deterioration of mining conditions, and depletion of the most accessible coal reserves, extractable by open pit mining. In this regard, development of underground mining methods providing for opening of deep deposits by vertical shaft sets is highly relevant. The experience of the neighboringRepublicofSouth Africashows that, in the mining and geological conditions of the south of the African continent, highspeed shaft sinking methods accelerating deposit development can be successfully applied.

About the Author

J. J. Z. Caixao
“Vale Mozambique”

Johan Jacinto Zeca Caixao – Mining Engineer,

Tete province


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Caixao J.Z. Mining industry in Mozambique. Gornye nauki i tekhnologii = Mining Science and Technology (Russia). 2021;6(2):114-120. (In Russ.)

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