Assessment of operational reliability of power supply to developing ore mining areas at a high-altitude mine

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Development of new deposits and modernization of existing mining enterprises in order to improve their efficiency are the priorities for the development of tungsten-molybdenum resource sector. In the modernization of mining productions, attention is paid to all technological processes and engineering systems, transformation of which should be aimed at improving economic performance, including reliability. Research of power supply systems of mining enterprises and modes of their operation is an urgent task, as this type of engineering support of mining works, auxiliary processes and facilities determines competitiveness of an enterprise as a whole. In the course of research, an assessment of operational reliability of power supply of developing ore mining areas at a high-altitude mine of the Tyrnyauz deposit (Kabardino-Balkaria) was performed. It was found that under the existing scheme of separate power supply of 6 kV networks from substations, the full ground fault currents for these networks are respectively: I030=17.5 A and I0116 =12.2 A and reach the limiting values at which it was possible to disconnect them by disconnectors (the limiting current was 20 A). A formula for total ground fault current in 6 kV underground networks was recommended. It was shown that reliability of power supply in the above mine, as well as the level of danger of electric shock in electrical installations depended largely on the number of singlephase ground faults. On the basis of the theoretical and experimental research, the solutions to improve the operation of electrical networks, taking into account the structure and modes of operation of a highaltitude mine were developed.

About the Authors

R. V. Klyuev
Moscow Polytechnic University
Russian Federation

Roman V. Klyuev – Dr. Sci. (Eng.), Professor of the Department of the Technique of Low Temperature name P. L. Kapitza

SCOPUS ID 57194206632


I. I. Bosikov
North Caucasian Institute of mining and metallurgy (State Technological University)
Russian Federation

Igor I. Bosikov – Cand. Sci. (Eng.), Assoc. Professor of the Applied Geology Department

SCOPUS ID 56919738300


O. A. Gavrina
North Caucasian Institute of mining and metallurgy (State Technological University)
Russian Federation

Oksana A. Gavrina – Cand. Sci. (Eng.), Assoc. Professor of the Industrial Power Supply Department

SCOPUS ID 57204639532


V. I. Lyashenko
Ukrainian Research and Design Insitute for Industrial Technology

Vasiliy I. Lyashenko – Cand. Sci. (Eng.), Senior Research Fellow

SCOPUS ID 8915855500

Zholti Vody


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For citation: Klyuev R.V., Bosikov I.I., Gavrina O.A., Lyashenko V.I. Assessment of operational reliability of power supply to developing ore mining areas at a high-altitude mine. Gornye nauki i tekhnologii = Mining Science and Technology (Russia). 2021;6(3):211-220.

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