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In the real work the problem of zonal disintegration of rocks around deep underground workings is considered. The review of new works of foreign scientists in the field is provided. Their main results are reflected, the used methods and approaches are described. In the work the task about distribution of the field of tension around development of round section, in the conditions of an incompressibility and hydrostatic character of a loading on infinity is considered. To be carried out the statistical assessment of a significance of earlier received analytical dependence, the linear look, an arrangement of the middle of the feed zone of destruction measured in the relative to the radius of developments units from ultimate strength of breed on an axial compression. The alternate is constructed statistically the reasonable model of a non-linear look describing dependence of the considered parameters. The comparative analysis with earlier obtained results and the experimental datas is carried out. Statistical significance of non-linear dependence of an arrangement of the feed zone of destruction, from ultimate strength of breed, its convergence with natural data and advantage before dependence of the linear look is shown.

About the Author

A. S. Losev
Federal State Institution of Science Institute for Applied Mathematics, Far-Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Russian Federation

Associate Professor, Senior Researcher, Cand. Sci. (Phys.-Math.)

7 Radio st., Vladivostok, Russian Federation


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For citation: Losev A.S. DEPENDENCE OF THE ZONE DESTRUCTION THE MASSIVE AROUND MINE WORKINGS FROM THE LIMIT STRENGTH OF THE BREED. Gornye nauki i tekhnologii = Mining Science and Technology (Russia). 2017;(2):43-49.

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