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Modern approach to geological-and-metallurgical mapping of ore deposits

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Geological-and-metallurgical mapping is carried out during operational exploration of a deposit for controlling grade of ore fed for processing. The paper is devoted to studying the main approaches to metallurgical assessment of ore deposits based on the methods of geological-and-metallurgical mapping and modeling. The relevance and necessity of conducting geological-and-metallurgical research programs at different stages of deposit exploration was confirmed. The main low-volume sample studying methods for determining key parameters of ores that directly affect on the efficiency of each stage of ore processing for assessing spatial variability of the parameters are shown. The proposed approach to geological-and-metallurgical modeling allows solving a number of problems, including: assessing ores across the entire range of knowledge (but not solely based on useful component grades); understanding the ore material composition and grade variability; estimating ore reserves with differentiation by ore type and grade. 

About the Authors

M. A. Kozlova
MIPT Center for Engineering and Technology
Russian Federation

Senior Engine, Department of Ore Minerals.

141700, Russia, Dolgoprudny, Pervomayskaya Street

D. A. Ryabtsev
MIPT Center for Engineering and Technology
Russian Federation

Head of Department of Ore Minerals, expert of Scientific Research Institute – Federal Research Centre for Projects Evaluation and Consulting Services (SRI FRCEC).

141700, Russia, Dolgoprudny, Pervomayskaya Street.


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For citations:

Kozlova M.A., Ryabtsev D.A. Modern approach to geological-and-metallurgical mapping of ore deposits. Gornye nauki i tekhnologii = Mining Science and Technology (Russia). 2017;(1):23-30. (In Russ.)

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