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Date and place of birth: June 26, 1965, Prokopyevsk, Kemerovo Region, Russia.

Affiliation: Professor at the Department of Mineral Mining, Dean of the Mining Faculty, Saint-Petersburg Mining University, Russian Federation.

ORCID ID0000-0001-9663-6713

Scopus ID56535304400

AuthorID: 175192

Academic degree/rank: Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor.


  • Prokopyevsk Technical College, Technician in Surveying (1980–1984);
  • Leningrad Mining Institute (now Saint-Petersburg Mining University), Mining Faculty, Mining Engineer in Technology and Overall Mechanization of Underground Mineral Mining. Cum laude graduate (1984–1989);
  • Leningrad Mining Institute, Mining Faculty, Postgraduate Studentship in Underground Mineral Mining (1990–1994);
  • Candidate of Science degree in engineering after defence of dissertation on the theme: Integrated Efficient Control over Stoping Advance in the Vorkuta Deposit (1994);
  • Doctor of Science degree in engineering after defence of dissertation on the theme: Justification of Multi-Gate Preparation Flowcharts for Deep-Level Longwalls in Gas-Bearing Coal Mines (2009).

 Research interests (key words): mining, underground mining of stratified deposits, ground control.

 Research & professional development:

  • Probationer Lecturer, Assistant, Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor, Dean (1989–2003), Head of Department of Mining, Director (2003–2010), Vorkuta Mining Institute, a division of the Saint-Petersburg State Mining University;
  • Professor at the Department of Mineral Mining, Dean of the Mining Faculty (2010 up to date), Saint-Petersburg State Mining University.

 Academic and professional communities:

  • Member of the Federal Association for Highen Education in the Field of Mining, Oil & Gas, Geodesy and Geology;
  • Member of the Society of Mining Professors (SOMP);
  • Member of the Editorial Board of journal Gornyi Zhurnal.

PublicationsAuthor of more than 140 scientific publications, including 2 monographs and 6 patents of invention.

ConferencesAn active participant as a speaker and an organizing committee member to dozen international symposiums, forums and conferences on mineral mining and processing in Russia, Poland, Canada, etc.

R&D projectsManager and executer in R&D projects under contracts between the Saint-Petersburg Sate Mining University and mining companies of Vorkutaugol, SUEK-Kuzbass, SDS-ugol, Research and Design Institute of Coal Processing, EVRAZ Holding, etc.

AwardsHonorary Badge of Miner’s Glory 3rd class for the invaluable services in development of the fuel and energy sector.

Selected publications:

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