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Date and place of birth: October 14, 1968, Bryansk Region, Russia.

Affiliation: Dean of Nature Management and Engineering Ecology Faculty, Head of Geotechnology and Peat Production Department, Tver State Technical University, Tver, Russian Federation.

Academic degree/rank: Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor.

Scopus ID6602668747

AuthorID: 118433

Education and skills:

  • Cum laude graduate of the Tver Polytechnic Institute (now Tver State Technical University), Faculty of Mechanics and Technology, mining engineer with specialty in open pit mining (1992);
  • Postgraduate studentship at the Tver State Technical University, specialty in technology and overall mechanization of peat production (1994–1997);
  • Candidate of Science degree in engineering after defence of dissertation on the theme: Physical Processes of Structure Formation in Drying of Buried Decay Ooze (1997);
  • Doctorate at the Tver State Technical University (2004–2007);
  • Doctor of Science degree in engineering after defence of dissertation on the theme: Science of Industrial Waste Recycling and Integrated Use of Peat Resources (2007).

Research interests (key words): peat, decay ooze, mining, integrated processing, physical and chemical framework for peat production.

Academic and professional communities:

  • Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences;
  • Chairman of the Science and Technology Council of the Russian Peat and Bioenergy Society Noncommercial Partnership;
  • Member of the Federal Association for Highen Education in the Field of Mining, Oil & Gas, Geodesy and Geology;
  • Expert of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research and Russian Science Foundation.

PublicationsAuthor of 156 scientific publications, 18 patents of invention and useful model, 11 guidance manuals and 26 papers in various periodicals and electronic media.

Selected publications:

Journal papers:

  • Misnikov O. S., Kuporova A. V. Technological framework for hydrophobically modified sod peat extraction. Gornyi Zhurnal = Mining Journal. 2022;(12):34–39. (In Russ.);
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Conference papers:

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