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Affiliation: Professor at the College of Mining, National University of Science and Technology (NUST MISIS).

Academic degree/rank: Professor, Candidate of Engineering Sciences.

Scopus ID:  57193312566

Research interests (key words): electrical engineering in mines.

Publications: Leonid Plashchansky is an author of more than 200 publications (textbooks, teaching aids, research papers) on electrical engineering systems, their operation and control in mining and in other industries. The textbooks and teaching aids have special references from the Ministry of Education of the USSR, Ministry of Education and Science of Russia and from the Federal Educational Training Association in Higher Education in Applied Geology, Mining, Oil & Gas, and Geodesy.


  • Miner’s Glory Badge 1st, 2nd and 3rd class;
  • Honorary Worker of the Higher Education System.

The main publications:

  • Plashchanskiy L. A., Reshetnyak M. Yu. Resonance conditions in power supply systems of coal mines. Gornyi Zhurnal, 2021, (9), 75–79,;
  • Plashchanskiy L. A., Reshetnyak M. Yu. Analysis of harmonic composition in electrical networks of step-down substations in coal mines. Gornyi Zhurnal, 2020, (5), 63–66,;
  • Lyakhomskiy A. V., Plashchanskiy L. A. Substantiation of the method for determination of design electric demand for diamond ore mines in the permafrost zone. Gornyi Zhurnal, 2019, (8), 77–80,;
  • Lyakhomskiy, A.V.Plashchansky, L.A.Reshetnyak, S.N.Reshetnyak, M.Y. High-voltage unit for automated monitoring of electrical energy quality in underground networks of coal mines. Mining Informational and Analytical Bulletin2019, (7), 207-213;
  • Plashchansky, L.A. Efficiency of power-supply systems in high output mines depending on repairability of electric equipment. Gornyi Zhurnal, 2017, (1), 65-67.